Ghosts in the Bedroom

Jai, now almost four, has learned words such as “ghost“, “family time“, and phrases like “Do it for me Daddy!”, so is becoming very articulate with an extensive vocabulary!

Ghost Stories for Kids: Ten Fantastic Tales about Ghosts for ChildrenSo getting him to bed is quite a conversation.

Daddy: “It’s 7.30pm…”
Jai: “Noooooo, I want more family time!”
Daddy: “It’s BED time, buddy, specifically yours.”
Jai: “Noooooooo, there are dark ghosts in there!”
Daddy: “Dark ghosts? In your dark bedroom? How do you spot them?”
Jai: “I just know.”
Daddy: “Let’s go check for them, together. If there are none, you go to bed, deal?”
Jai: “Noooooo, you do it for me Daddy!”

Sigh. Kids. Got to love ’em.


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