Following other Fathers Online

I have added a list of ‘Daddy Bloggers’. My blog may be minuscule beside theirs, yet I will keep writing.

The Secret Life of Fathers
I like to write as often as possible – mostly poetry, prose, and tweets  – because I enjoy writing, typing, amending and twisting stories to ensure there is a easily followed dialogue that tells a smart or funny story.

Jai continually provides funny and important material for future posts, so I know I will be writing more over the next few years!

Writing Children's Books for Dummies I also have ideas for a few kid’s books that I would love to create/write, so will push some energy into this project. Let’s see where it leads us.

Rather than me rambling on, at least for now, check out the ‘Blogroll‘ list on the right of screen, further down. (For those of you viewing from a smartphone or tablet, scroll down.)


2 thoughts on “Following other Fathers Online

    • Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier, it has been a busy year!
      Thanks, this blog is getting new life now that my 4.5yo boy talks more, and the 19mo younger boy is starting to talk. The book is delayed temporarily, but is always on my mind.


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