Marshmallows are NOT for Breakfast!

[This happened at 7.30am this morning!]

I hobbled towards lounge-room looking for Jai. Found him pushing his dining-chair down the hallway.

Me: “Where you going with that?”

Jai: “Somewhere.”

Me: “What do you want?”

Jai: “Marshmallows.”

Dear gawd. Every morning. Yet again.

Me: “Buddy, seriously, again, they are a special food, not a breakfast. Mummy hid them because you keep stealing them!”


I swear I saw a little man with a blue face wearing a kilt materialise beside him.

Me: “Then know your limits.

Jai: “I HAVE NO LIMITS!” Yep, he just said that.

Me: “Well, the marshmallows do.

Somehow I distracted him from the location they are hidden.


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