Ain’t Misbehaving

Lounge reversed again, facing big window onto the front yard. Mummy and Jai sitting in it, watching as stormy weather hits the house. It hailed for a moment, then the rain started, then the trees wobbled in the strong winds.

Jai: “This is like TV!”

Sarah and I laugh!

Jai gabbled incessantly for about 10 minutes about what he saw out the window. Finally he stopped.

Mummy: “If you stopped talking, you’d fall asleep wouldn’t you?” (Old joke that normally says ‘die’, not ‘fall asleep’.)

Jai: “Oh yes, I like sleeping!”

Daddy: “Not half as much as you like talking.”

Sarah and I laugh again! We had a little chat about honey deliveries this afternoon and our new house on Kangaroo Island until finally….

Jai: “Mummy, please be quiet, you are making too much noise, let’s just watch the storm!”

We laughed again. He shooshed us again. But didn’t stop talking himself.


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