Kid Time!

There’s an ongoing theme in our house, but I have only just noticed it.

When Jai was young he heard this line a LOT:

“Hammer Time!”
I said it often when we were playing with his plastic toys.

Now Aidan is hearing this line a lot more than Jai ever did:

“You can’t touch this!”

Don’t understand? It’s from the generation X era of music. This YouTube clip will explain all…

Big News – Discounts on TShirts!

I have created a few images that look cool on kids tshirts.
You can have food or patterns, or parenting quotes, check them all out on my tshirt shop.

There’s a special deal coming up – Take 20% off every purchase, across the site, with code SPOOKY20.
This deal is available only on the 17th & 18th October.

Take a look, choose what you like, then enter the code SPOOKY20 when you buy them.

Remember, if you are a kid-friend of my boys, don’t be a naughty animal, ask your mummy or daddy permission before buying anything online!


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