Mummy had a Girl’s Night Out

Jai ‘wrote’ a letter for his mummy whilst she had a girl’s night out:

“Dear Mummy,

You let Daddy and me go home on the train without you. Initially I kept asking where were you … but I forgot you existed once Daddy had me on the elevator down into the North Terrace Station! Daddy was smart to have me in the ERGO back pack … I was pointing and asking what everything was, including the man in the dark blue suit and hat. He smiled at me!

Wow, then we got on the train! Dad was smart to take a later train.  I jumped from seat to seat, I laughed and whooped so much! Luckily Daddy had chocolate or I would not have been stoppable.

Sigh. Finally we got home. I have been in the bath since 8pm. Daddy has cleaned up the house as much as possible. Daddy? Daddy, I am going wrinkly!

Mummy, I may be asleep when you get home.

Have fun with your friends, but don’t forget there is a little human growing inside you.

Good night.”

One hour later: He is asleep now. We read a LOT of books. I am sure his dreams tonight will be interesting!

3 hours later: Mummy finally got home at 11pm. Appears sober … of course she is!!

I originally wrote and published this on Facebook on 19 December 2014 at 8pm.


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