How to be an Awesome Dad

Jai loves my made-up stories at bed time.

Last night he asked for a story about ‘Strong Yellow Digger‘. Since he has a new book entitled exactly that, I tried to remember it – but he wanted a different story with a strong yellow digger in it…

“So the same characters, but a different story?”

“YES, your story!!” He gets a tad hot tempered when tired.

I had to think fast, to ensure it met his standards – which are fairly high. I told one story about how digging holes was fun, but you had to be sure not to expose water or electrical pipes. He was happy, but wanted another. 

This time his request was that the same four characters went camping. Sigh. Yet within seconds I had Digger, Bulldozer and Grader in raincoats that were tents for the drivers – and Roller supplied power for ovens, lights and laptops

Jai is now asleep, no doubt dreaming of diggers!


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