Breaking In

2yo Aidan and I were enjoying time on the deck, me catching sunrays whilst he pushed a toy car back and forth.

As my eyes closed beneath the tilted brim of my baseball cap, I heard the glass door shut behind us. I heard the unmistakable sound of wheels over the aluminium sliders. He had pushed his large plastic car indoors.

So I napped momentarily enjoying the moment. They were rare. Slowly I stood up to check out what my beautiful son was doing now.

My hand on the glass, I attempted to slide it open in one quick motion.

But it didn’t move.

Again I tried, this time with two hands.

Oh dear, it had latched when he had closed it. I had a little panic. I turned the laundry door. Alao locked. Still not panicking, just a tad more concerned. Walked around to the front door we don’t use. Yes, locked, but actually glad.

So I asked my inner concious: “Has this happened to you before? WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Moments later I had the bathroom flyscreen off (easily done on most homes) and stepped through, clambering down onto the basin.

I stepped into the lounge room … “Tada! Daddy is in the house!”

Little turkey wasn’t impressed. I checked the door. OMG, he had latched the door!

The laundry is now unlocked. He won’t be doing that again!


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