Why Converse?

Tshirt - SANTA DOESN'T EXISTJai [pronounced Jay, not Ji ], our first born and I have been conversing since he was born. Originally one-sided and quite incoherent on his part, they have become quite amusing since his second birthday.

I had been posting them as short stories to Facebook for some time, but decided our short conversations were amusing enough to share with the world.

Now that he has a brother, Aidan, conversations are -soon to become- more entertaining. Whilst we hear a lot of monosyllabic noises that occasionally sound like real words, I am sure I will have dialogue to share before December 2016.

NOTE: When laughter ensues, ensure you are seated. In the event you are in a public location (a bus, a taxi, drinking coffee with friends), feel free to laugh out loud. Laughter keeps the crazies and the sane people away. Usually they are the same people.

They will be purely text based without very little imagery. So, no faces.


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