Fifty Years of Television

Our kids will never know the pain we had as kids. 

When I was a kid our first TV was a Phillips 16″ B&W little orange unit. The knob fell out so we had a torque spanner attached. Us three boys were Dad’s remote channel changer. We enjoyed all 4 channels, yet watched a lot of ABC.

Jai (almost 5yo) and Aidan (now 2yo) know how to turn on Mummy’s Samsung tablet, select the iView icon and watch anything they like on ABC4Kids. 

At 8am Jai knows to turn down the volume so we don’t know.
I’d normally take it away, but for a change he’s responsibly making sure his little brother can watch with him. Cute. Naughty yet cute.


Learning Curve

Wow, it feels like just yesterday that Jai was only 2yo, wanting to madly tap on the Samsung tablet without care for a result.

Now at 4yo he has gotten bored with most of the games.

So we have installed a few educational apps to improve his hand-to-eye coordination, as well as his memory and process-of-elimination skills.

He gets better every day, but is getting bored again.

What do you recommend?