Aidan the Primate

2yo Aidan: “I WANT BA NA NA!

Me: (Gets one) “Ok… here banana!”

Aidan: “No, not that one!”

20mins later.

Aidan: “I like NA NA!

Me: (Gets same one) “Ok…  banana!”

Aidan: “Not that one!”

Sigh. An hour later

Aidan: “May I have banana!” Some tears.

Me: (Gets SAME one) “Ok… this banana?!”

Aidan: “Mmmmm… ok.” Peels himself, returns to smash toys into each other. 

Being a Dad isn’t too hard. 


Sugar High

Today Jai found this half filled lolly bag. I made the mistake of leaving it in plain view at my office desk. 

I found him with the contents in lines on top of his little dining table. I decided if he was daring, he could have them.

“Dude, they are pure sugar. Don’t eat them too fast.”

“Daddy …. adults shouldn’t eat these.” Oh, he’s had one already. 

Why not dude?”

“… because they are pure sugar.”

Yet he didn’t jump off the walls nor get hyperactive. Because we took him to a park to run around for thirty minutes! Whew.


Xmas on Twitter

My boys get mentioned on Twitter a lot, mostly in jest, occasionally in exasperation, yet mostly because of their hilarious antics.

Here are all their Xmas moments throughout December 2016:

Sigh. I am sure there will be more before NYE. Watch out for them on my twitter.


Conversation Terminated

​Oh dear, Jai needed to know the facts of life today.

Jai: “Mummy, honey is bee poo!” Totally random comment from left field, yet understandable in our house.

Mum: “No , if anything it is bee spew.”

Jai: “Ewww!”

Mum: “Seriously, would you rather eat poo or spew.”

Dad: “Please don’t…” But it was too late.

Jai: “I say it is BEE POO!”

There was further discussion, but he couldn’t be swayed. Thankfully he lost interest and his six-second attention span found a new topic. But I know my boy’s memory.

[5 minutes later]

Jai: “Daddy, I have some bee poo for you!”

Dad: “… this is why. Sigh.”


Jelly is not a Breakfast Food

Master Jai was lucky enough to have blue jelly and a packet-meringue for dessert last night. 

In true kid-style, he mashed it up into a swirling mass that was barely recognisable.

Then he requested some custard, made for us adults, be added.

Oh dear. Now it looked like a snotty mess.

Despite the appearance, he still ate it.

This morning, the moment he walked into the kitchen, asked this question:

“Can I have jelly for breakfast?!

Sigh. “No dude, Jelly is NOT a breakfast food.”

Jai thinks he is so smart: He stepped outside, into the cold air, stepped back in and said “I need jelly to cool me down!!”

It’s gonna be a long day.


Imagination will take You around the World

Just took a lounge-drive with whole family.

Jai insisted we drove to Sea-world this morning.

A cushion each for seat belts. A small cushion for a steering wheel. Nice, this car has airbags.

We got as far as our local fish and chip shop.

Daddy: “I want nachos, cream cheese and an OJ.”

Mummy: “Blurg.”

Daddy: “Well, get your own …. Aidan is paying!”

Oh, how we laughed. It will be many years, if ever at all, before that happens.

When both kids finally jumped off the lounge, I reported a flat tyre. Oh, and engine problems. Major engine problems.

Wait, Jai is back with a bag of imaginary marshmallows…

The journey continues….