Towards the Son

I am a great Dad:

“Daddy, why do meteorites have tails?”

I did my research to get my facts right:

“They are huge streams of dust and gas burning off as they travel across the galaxy, forming an enormous tail to form, and it points away from the Sun.”

Okay, abreviated version.

Now he has three facewashers in the bath mashed up together swirling around together, forming a wet tail.

Kids. Gotta love ’em.



Gotta laugh and be impressed by the ingenuity of Jai, now 4.5yo.

Yesterday he caught five seconds of a trailer for ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ on my laptop. He loved it!

As I turned it on this morning I heard this voice at my feet say “I Want to see that movie I saw yesterday!”

“Hmmm. If your mother says yes, OK.”

He sprints for the bedroom.

I hear him ask “Mummy, can I watch that movie?”, but not the response.

He sprints back to me.

“Mummy said yes.”

“Oh, did she?” I see Sarah down the corridor “… Mummy said you could watch the movie? Did you get a hand-shake contract?”

“A what?”

“A hand shake contract. Repeat after me, hand shake contract. You are going to need it!”

“Ok!” He sprints down the corridor again, and I hear most of the conversation. I see him shake hands with his mother!

“Big mistake Mummy. Did you ask which movie he wants to see?”

“Um, no.” We were speaking down the corridor, unable to see each other, but I know she is not smiling.

“And now he has a contract. Binding in a family court of law. I watched the transaction. ROGUE ONE FOR EVERY ONE!”

“Oh, no. Nope, not gonna happen.”

Sigh. Poor little fellow. His first business transaction. Thankfully billionaires of the planet say that failure is important to succeed.

O'Reilly Books


Light Bulb Moment

​How smart were you, or your kids, at 21 months young?

Aidan has discovered when he covers the sensor on the hall-light with his little hands, it turns on. Thus lighting up his path to his bedroom. 

Then he waits at his cot until his bed-sleeping-bag is put on and he is given a pacifier …. so he can have his 11am-3pm nap. He usually falls asleep within a few minutes – depending on his brother.

Photo at Cleland Wildlife Park. Aidan climbed up and pretended to be asleep.


Ghosts in the Bedroom

Jai, now almost four, has learned words such as “ghost“, “family time“, and phrases like “Do it for me Daddy!”, so is becoming very articulate with an extensive vocabulary!

Ghost Stories for Kids: Ten Fantastic Tales about Ghosts for ChildrenSo getting him to bed is quite a conversation.

Daddy: “It’s 7.30pm…”
Jai: “Noooooo, I want more family time!”
Daddy: “It’s BED time, buddy, specifically yours.”
Jai: “Noooooooo, there are dark ghosts in there!”
Daddy: “Dark ghosts? In your dark bedroom? How do you spot them?”
Jai: “I just know.”
Daddy: “Let’s go check for them, together. If there are none, you go to bed, deal?”
Jai: “Noooooo, you do it for me Daddy!”

Sigh. Kids. Got to love ’em.