Parenting Tips for Talking

Now that 2yo Aidan no longer has a dummy/pacifier, his English skills are improving every day.

Jai (weeks away from 5yo) likes to test his English.

“LIFE IS NOT PERFECT!” is yelled from the toy room. Learned probably from me.

A smaller voice mimics “Mi’ is no berfect!”

But that’s nothing.

Whilst I was ‘otherwise indisposed‘ early today, a small hand knocked on the door and the question was asked “Where are you Daddy?”

“Buddy, dude, I am busy.”

“Why?” Oh dear, it has begun.

“I don’t wear nappies…” Is two too young to teach about the toilet?

“Why?” Still outside the door.

“Because society frowns upon wearing poopie pants in corporate environments…” I paused and listened as he plodded back to the lounge room.

Always employ big words when you don’t really want to be disturbed.


Aidan Has A Voice

Our second son recently turned two.

Over Easter his dummy/pacifer was permanently removed from his mouth.

Now he talks incessantly.

This morning, at 7.20am, he deided that yelling ‘COCKADOODLEDOO!’ repeatedly was fun. Mummy thinks otherwise. I let it run its course. The ranting stopped soon after.

We now have TWO alarm clocks. Which means another few years of no sleep after 7am. Sigh. 


Parent’s Lament

To anyone who is a parent:

How many times must a child be told before they do as their told? 

And how many times will a child say “No!” before their dinner goes cold?
How many times will I ask them to tidy up their toys before I give them* away?

And how long will it take for them to understand that life isn’t all sleep and play?
How many times will a parent say “No.” and explain the rules yet again?

The answer, my family and friends, is … oh heck, too many times.
* the toys, not the boys!

PS. Did you read it to the tune of “Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan”?


Six Parenting Lessons

Five lessons learned from Jai in one morning:

Don't Sweat the Small Baby Stuff

Whoever said this never encountered a lost pacifier at naptime!

1. When he hands you one end of a skipping rope, put it to your ear. Because he wants to talk to you.

2. If you can see one yoghurt blob on the floor, there will be more.

3. Kids also cry when they are happy. Yes, astonishing – yet beautiful. Sometimes it is a ruse to get me to hug him – which I like!

4. His vocabulary is awesome. They know and use the words ‘beautiful, hangry and mummy’ regularly. Sometimes in the same sentence.

5. Never assume they are not listening. Never think they don’t understand. They will use your words against you as soon as possible. I am currently in the naughty corner. Thankfully I get to hold my phone. Oh dear, this may set a precedent. Putting down the phone now…

Kids need everything explained to them. Don’t fob them off with an excuse. Jai now understands that CDs and DVDs are engraved plastic with information preserved in them. If that surface gets damaged, the information leaks out. So now he won’t take them out of the cover and carry them round in a shopping bag. Sigh.

PPS. The image links to our new GoFundMe campaign. Please take a moment to take a look.







Kid Time!

There’s an ongoing theme in our house, but I have only just noticed it.

When Jai was young he heard this line a LOT:

“Hammer Time!”
I said it often when we were playing with his plastic toys.

Now Aidan is hearing this line a lot more than Jai ever did:

“You can’t touch this!”

Don’t understand? It’s from the generation X era of music. This YouTube clip will explain all…

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