Fifty Years of Television

Our kids will never know the pain we had as kids. 

When I was a kid our first TV was a Phillips 16″ B&W little orange unit. The knob fell out so we had a torque spanner attached. Us three boys were Dad’s remote channel changer. We enjoyed all 4 channels, yet watched a lot of ABC.

Jai (almost 5yo) and Aidan (now 2yo) know how to turn on Mummy’s Samsung tablet, select the iView icon and watch anything they like on ABC4Kids. 

At 8am Jai knows to turn down the volume so we don’t know.
I’d normally take it away, but for a change he’s responsibly making sure his little brother can watch with him. Cute. Naughty yet cute.


A Beautiful View on Kangaroo Island 

Aliens Love Panta Claus I’ve started daily vlogs of our new life on Kangaroo Island.

The most important footage I will show is the ambience, serenity and positive impact the local community and environment has on the upbringing of my young children.

Jai and Aidan will experience country life, quieter days, and the beauty of nature.

Yesterday my 4yo son Jai and I walked along the beach towards Reeves Point.

The plan is to incorporate moments from my wife’s honey business – LSBeez Honey & Queen Bee Breeding – showing the progress as it grows over the next few years.