Breaking In

2yo Aidan and I were enjoying time on the deck, me catching sunrays whilst he pushed a toy car back and forth.

As my eyes closed beneath the tilted brim of my baseball cap, I heard the glass door shut behind us. I heard the unmistakable sound of wheels over the aluminium sliders. He had pushed his large plastic car indoors.

So I napped momentarily enjoying the moment. They were rare. Slowly I stood up to check out what my beautiful son was doing now.

My hand on the glass, I attempted to slide it open in one quick motion.

But it didn’t move.

Again I tried, this time with two hands.

Oh dear, it had latched when he had closed it. I had a little panic. I turned the laundry door. Alao locked. Still not panicking, just a tad more concerned. Walked around to the front door we don’t use. Yes, locked, but actually glad.

So I asked my inner concious: “Has this happened to you before? WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Moments later I had the bathroom flyscreen off (easily done on most homes) and stepped through, clambering down onto the basin.

I stepped into the lounge room … “Tada! Daddy is in the house!”

Little turkey wasn’t impressed. I checked the door. OMG, he had latched the door!

The laundry is now unlocked. He won’t be doing that again!


How to be an Awesome Dad

Jai loves my made-up stories at bed time.

Last night he asked for a story about ‘Strong Yellow Digger‘. Since he has a new book entitled exactly that, I tried to remember it – but he wanted a different story with a strong yellow digger in it…

“So the same characters, but a different story?”

“YES, your story!!” He gets a tad hot tempered when tired.

I had to think fast, to ensure it met his standards – which are fairly high. I told one story about how digging holes was fun, but you had to be sure not to expose water or electrical pipes. He was happy, but wanted another. 

This time his request was that the same four characters went camping. Sigh. Yet within seconds I had Digger, Bulldozer and Grader in raincoats that were tents for the drivers – and Roller supplied power for ovens, lights and laptops

Jai is now asleep, no doubt dreaming of diggers!


Why We Moved to Kangaroo Island

About this time last year we made a BIG decision: To move our family to Kangaroo Island.

Explaining the benefits to each of our families actually didn’t take a lot, but there a few who had never been there.

Yesterday morning I videoed some of my morning walk. Because of the tranquillity of Kingscote, it required very little editing before upload!

Yesterday’s vlog shows one of the BEST reasons for our family relocation:

My morning walks will now be regular, particularly since I don’t have a 24/7 gym available. I had hoped for daily vlogs, but, well, kids.


Towards the Son

I am a great Dad:

“Daddy, why do meteorites have tails?”

I did my research to get my facts right:

“They are huge streams of dust and gas burning off as they travel across the galaxy, forming an enormous tail to form, and it points away from the Sun.”

Okay, abreviated version.

Now he has three facewashers in the bath mashed up together swirling around together, forming a wet tail.

Kids. Gotta love ’em.


Santa’s Surcharge 

Embryos, Galaxies and Sentient Beings: How the Universe Makes LifeJai enjoyed his first Xmas. Now that his command and understanding of the world has become much more sentient, he wants Xmas every day. #facepalm

Every morning I am asked to pretend to be Santa Claus. This morning I changed the incoming response.

{In a husky deep voice}

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xmas! … oh, I am at Jai’s house again! Young man, I have work to do at the North Pole. You can’t channel me on a whim. My callout fee between January and September will empty your piggy bank! So, whatever you need, go ask your mum!

Dad’s worldwide might want to #highfive me now. But I suspect Santa will be requested again tomorrow. #headsmack



Backyard Ocean

A good afternoon indeed:

Kangaroo Island, South Australia Sitting on boogie-boards on the grass with Jai. He declared the grass is salt-water, that sharks are friendly and there’s been at least two tornados. He agrees we’ve been out to sea for about three years.

We rang for pizza on an imaginary phone. I said “Two years delivery or it’s free!” Considering how far we both are from dry land, we might be lucky.

We used these large Frisbees as hand sails, steering our boards across the grass, into a dessert island with a big shed on it. Aha, his imagination is amazing!

We visited the lady and little boy in the house, asking for bed and food.

Thankfully his mother played along. She had icy poles and the promise of ice-cream if we stayed for dinner. Jai asked if they had pizza. Nope, but they may have sausages. That appealed.

Aliens Love Underpants! I have been relegated to guarding our boards whilst he further investigates the island. I hear birds twittering in the bush-land and little else. I just hope we don’t spot Aliens or Dinosaurs in underpants. 

Hoping a rescue mission finds us soon. We have been doing this game for almost three hours. Send help or pizza!