Parenting on a Saturday

I had plans for today.
But we have kids.

I have been awake since 7am,
out of bed since 8am.

Unshowered I have
negotiated backyard wars,
replanted vegetable dreams,
requested quietness and calm,
and dreamed of coffee.

Finally we are having breakfast.
home made pancakes.
The kids are calmed,
they’re playing nice.

Finally – Nirvana.

For now.


Growing Up

Jai is now 5.5 years young. This means he acts like a teenager with lots of toys.

The Duplo spirals around the bigger pieces, slowly spreading across the known galaxy. Some blocks are now satellites travelling around the house, seeking out toes to connect with.

Lounge pillows stand forlornly encasing his desk. His idea of a DIY cubby. Surprisingly, it works.

Answering to his own name is uncommon and takes serious effort for anyone wanting his attention. Slowly we are convincing him that reaponding to the first request is in his best interest. A few times we have fooled him by whispering ‘Ice Cream’ to his little brother. His hearing miraculously reappears.

And the list of teenage activities goes on and on.

You’d think with all this I would have many more stories to tell, both funny and serious.

But many aren’t for all.

Right now he is in his second week of Reception. It’s just the beginning of 13 years of schooling. 13 years!

Since he is at school, I have working in my one-man small-business ‘Mow&Wash‘. So stories of his escapades, bravado, lunacy and literature are few and far between.

He is forever the ONLY artist in our house (apparently photography is not an art), so I will show you his artwork more often.

Younger brother Aidan is now providing funny and worthwhile stories. Watch this space….


Parent’s Lament

To anyone who is a parent:

How many times must a child be told before they do as their told? 

And how many times will a child say “No!” before their dinner goes cold?
How many times will I ask them to tidy up their toys before I give them* away?

And how long will it take for them to understand that life isn’t all sleep and play?
How many times will a parent say “No.” and explain the rules yet again?

The answer, my family and friends, is … oh heck, too many times.
* the toys, not the boys!

PS. Did you read it to the tune of “Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan”?


Dear Daddy (Stephen)

Daddy, at least once a week mummy hears you say “Oh, I have a great idea. I must write a kids book about that!”

Sometimes you get the ideas from the crazy things I say. I like that.

But I really wish you would actually write the books.

I like the one about Tyrone the Dinosaur. You told me you already wrote it – but where is it? I haven’t seen it yet. When will I see it?

Today you said you wanted to a kids version of an old movie called ‘Romper Stomper‘. I don’t stomp that much!

Please write them. I hope you can find a publisher. Hey, maybe you can also get your poetry published in 2017!

from your  Loving Son (Jai)


TShirts for Xmas, Bed, and Outdoors

As a daddy, I have diversified my graphic design into kid-ware.

Kids will enjoying wearing any time – including bed-wear and outdoors!

Here are four of the many: [Images links to tshirt page]

Redbubble Tshirts X 2 - BearWalking and SuperDaddy

Redbubble Tshirts X 2 - ScareMe and GlassHalfFull

… and everyone’s favorite: BACK OFFBABY ON BOARD

Many more designs are in progress, so add this page to your bookmarks, plus make sure your mummy or daddy gives you permission to purchase online!





A quick little poem by Daddy after reading a few (dozen!) books to Jai before his bed:


Kids are great,
Kids are fine,
Kids are best when they don’t cross the line.

Kids are something,
Kids are not old,
Kids are best when they go to bed when told.

Kids are awesome,
Kids are neat,
Kids are best when they stay asleep.

Kids are great,
Kids are fun,
Kids are best when they say “I love you Dad and Mum!”

Don’t get all Freudian on me, it’s a cute little poem that is all about the last verse.



Closure (Goodbye Rene)

I was sitting quietly with my 3.5yo son mid afternoon today. With Jai in my lap, because he wanted to, we both sat silently staring out the front windows, watching eucalyptus trees in our front yard blow back and forth in the wind. It was quiet indoors, so we could hear the constant movement and rustling over the trees.

Finally I sighed and said…

Raising Children Who Think for ThemselvesDaddy: “We are never going to see Rene again.”
Jai: “Yeah, he died.”
Daddy: “Mummy told you?”
Jai: “Yeah, but I didn’t know him. He died before I could. {Big sigh} Now he is in the trees.”
Daddy. “Who is in the trees?”
Jai: “Rene. He is putting honey in the trees for the bees.”

Kids have amazing minds, so I kid you not, he said these words. These words had me lean forward and cry into his shoulder. He sat there silently and let me. My strong boy, he made his Daddy cry. Shortly after I stopped, he turned around and gave me a big hug. My strong boy.

Who is Rene? Those that knew him know him as an amazing friend, hard worker, a brother, a father, and honored among many on Kangaroo Island.

RIP Rene, wherever you are now.