Parenting on a Saturday

I had plans for today.
But we have kids.

I have been awake since 7am,
out of bed since 8am.

Unshowered I have
negotiated backyard wars,
replanted vegetable dreams,
requested quietness and calm,
and dreamed of coffee.

Finally we are having breakfast.
home made pancakes.
The kids are calmed,
they’re playing nice.

Finally – Nirvana.

For now.


Grammar Daddy

​Me: “Jai, do you want Wiggles on?”

Jai: “I don’t want nothing on!” Gives me a face like he needs a coffee. Not gonna happen.

Whereas my left eye twitches as I fight the urge to correct his sentence structure.

I seriously need a coffee.

/ Originally posted 20.Dec.2015 on Facebook.