Jumping for Joy

I stepped out onto deck at 7.30am to find this conversation in progress:

Both boys were standing on the wooden rail that ran around the rear deck. Jai stood very confidently, Aidan less so.

Jai: “Breathe out, breathe in…”

I wanted to reach out and grab Aidan, yet knew he was fairly safe. Aidan was twice his height off the ground, and it was nice soft grass below.

“… now jump!”

Jai did without hesitation.

Aidan clung to the rail a little longer – then leaped like a frog, landing successfully on all fours!

“Well done!” was immediately said by everyone else, loudest being Jai.


Scariest Spider Ever

The #Huntsmen #Spider (now about 8cm in diameter) in our dining room has walked, on the ceiling, around to the lounge room.

Jai: “I want to measure him with this… [the Xmas tree long box]”

Me: “No way dude! If it falls to the floor, I will jump on the lounge and squeel like a girl!”

Jai: “You’re funny Daddy.”

Me: “Sigh. I won’t look funny.” [Looking up, I see two spider legs pointing down.] “Okay, it’s time to run…”

Jai: “So funny!”

I am glad to be a funny Daddy. But I hate spiders!