Great Response

Jai: “Why does mummy have all the finances?”
Me: “Because { insert monetary lingo here }
Jai: “What? I am asking why she has all the ‘fine‘ ‘answers‘!


Imagination will take You around the World

Just took a lounge-drive with whole family.

Jai insisted we drove to Sea-world this morning.

A cushion each for seat belts. A small cushion for a steering wheel. Nice, this car has airbags.

We got as far as our local fish and chip shop.

Daddy: “I want nachos, cream cheese and an OJ.”

Mummy: “Blurg.”

Daddy: “Well, get your own …. Aidan is paying!”

Oh, how we laughed. It will be many years, if ever at all, before that happens.

When both kids finally jumped off the lounge, I reported a flat tyre. Oh, and engine problems. Major engine problems.

Wait, Jai is back with a bag of imaginary marshmallows…

The journey continues….