Closure (Goodbye Rene)

I was sitting quietly with my 3.5yo son mid afternoon today. With Jai in my lap, because he wanted to, we both sat silently staring out the front windows, watching eucalyptus trees in our front yard blow back and forth in the wind. It was quiet indoors, so we could hear the constant movement and rustling over the trees.

Finally I sighed and said…

Raising Children Who Think for ThemselvesDaddy: “We are never going to see Rene again.”
Jai: “Yeah, he died.”
Daddy: “Mummy told you?”
Jai: “Yeah, but I didn’t know him. He died before I could. {Big sigh} Now he is in the trees.”
Daddy. “Who is in the trees?”
Jai: “Rene. He is putting honey in the trees for the bees.”

Kids have amazing minds, so I kid you not, he said these words. These words had me lean forward and cry into his shoulder. He sat there silently and let me. My strong boy, he made his Daddy cry. Shortly after I stopped, he turned around and gave me a big hug. My strong boy.

Who is Rene? Those that knew him know him as an amazing friend, hard worker, a brother, a father, and honored among many on Kangaroo Island.

RIP Rene, wherever you are now.


Negotiation Skills

Octonauts: Amazon Adventure Jai received a new Octonaaaauuuuuts DVD today. 

Whilst he slept on me for two hours this afternoon, Sarah and I enjoyed watching news and programs suitable for OUR age group.

Within moments of waking up, he asked: “I want Octonauts!” Yeah, that is a demand.

“No buddy, Octonauts are NOT for mornings.”

“I would like Octonauts … Pleeeeeeeeeease!” He is clever.

Mummy pipes in “I’d like Shaun the Sheep.” Hmmm, so would I.

“Okay, let’s compromise … two Octonauts episodes and two Shaun the sheep, then back to normal viewing.”

Ten Little Dinosaurs (Ten Little) “I want four Octonauts!” No guessing who said that.

“Buddy, how about {with ONLY three fingers in air} one, two, three episodes?”

Mr oh-so-clever was to quick to respond “I want one two FOUR!!”

And then the negotiations broke down into tears. No, not me, him. Sigh.




In a fit of intense anger (with me because I wouldn’t let him do something) my 19mo son picked up an 10pack of cans (that’s 3kilos) and threw it about half a metre. Then he threw all his two favorite toy cars across the lounge room.

I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Or little terrors. We tolerate and wait it out.

He has just walked over to me with another toy ¬†… and has silently offered it to me. We have a truce.

He threw another fit of rage before his bath. I’ve now stretched every muscle in my back. He is one tough little man.

And now he is asleep. My beautiful blue eyed boy was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very tired.