Jai’s Time Travel Adventure¬†

Jai has a new favourite kids program: 

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures. Synopsis: Andy jumps into a grandfather clock back in time (get it!) to the dinosaur age, thrn brings back something for the museum he works within.

So tonight Jai asked for a ‘Time Machine’. I smiled with glee, but his mother frowned.

Jai now has what I am calling ‘a TARDIS whose clocking device is stuck in cardboard box mode‘. Jai doesn’t yet understand the reference. Sarah is adamant he won’t know for a few years yet. 

I can and will wait to make him a DrWho fanatic. Let’s hope the series is still going! 


Peter Capaldi’s recent departure as The Doctor cannot be in vain. But I have a strong feeling the Christmas Special will reveal him waking up, yet then changing into his new incarnation.