Parenting Tips for Talking

Trivial Pursuit Doctor Who Now that 2yo Aidan no longer has a dummy/pacifier, his English skills are improving every day.

Jai (weeks away from 5yo) likes to test his English.

“LIFE IS NOT PERFECT!” is yelled from the toy room. Learned probably from me.

A smaller voice mimics “Mi’ is no berfect!”

But that’s nothing.

Whilst I was ‘otherwise indisposed‘ early today, a small hand knocked on the door and the question was asked “Where are you Daddy?”

“Buddy, dude, I am busy.”

“Why?” Oh dear, it has begun.

“I don’t wear nappies…” Is two too young to teach about the toilet?

“Why?” Still outside the door.

“Because society frowns upon wearing poopie pants in corporate environments…” I paused and listened as he plodded back to the lounge room.

Always employ big words when you don’t really want to be disturbed.


Potty Training, Step 1 – Real Words

Ferdinand Uses the Potty: An Empowering Toilet Training Tale Not going to lie to our 3yo son.

From outside the (thankfully) locked bathroom door Jai asks “What are you doing in there?”

“Well, buddy, big people use the toilet do do poos and wees, not nappies.”

He understands, yet still won’t tell us when he needs to go to the bathroom.

UPDATE @ 03/01/2017: He uses the toilet now. Whew!